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B.S. Plumbing & Heating. Leeds, West Yorkshire

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Central heating boilers installed and repaired in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Do you need a new gas boiler? BS Plumbing and Heating in Yorkshire can help. We can offer help and advice on the type of boiler that you need to suit your property and your budget.

Not all properties require a combi boiler, but nearly all properties need a condensing boiler to comply with energy efficiency requirements and to save money. A condensing combi boiler is only recommended for flats and small properties. We will recommend the required boiler to suit your home, making sure it will be energy efficient as laid down by government legislation.

It is important to replace a boiler that is too old as you will only be getting 55% of the heat you are paying for, as opposed to 95% on a new boiler.

B.S Plumbing and Heating supply a variety of boilers and associated fittings

Combi Condensing Boilers

Designed for flats and average 3 bed homes. Combi condensing boilers are one of the most commonly used in central heating. These run on the mains pressure water supply and therefore do not require tanks to be placed in the loft. They also eliminate the need for hot water tanks as the water is instantly heated when needed.

Condensing System Boilers

Designed primarily for larger 4 bed plus and/or 2 bathrooms plus. If you live in a large property it is not recommended to have a condensing combi boiler exchange from a system boiler. It is cheaper to refit a condensing system boiler, is still within government energy efficiency legislation and can be a much cheaper option for you as a customer.


Each radiator is specifically sized for each individual room. We will create the best heating efficiency for each room, which will help you to save money on your fuel bills. There are so many styles of radiators in the market today including curve, straight, chrome, white, old style and modern. Prices range from £30 to £1000 for one radiator.

THERMODUL skirting heating system - more efficient and discreet

Efficient, healthy and eco-friendly

By reducing the convective movements the air never becomes too dry and no dust and bacteria is raised. The walls are heated, therefore remaining dry and mould free while reducing heat dispersion.

Easy installation: The water version of the Thermodul skirting heating system works with any type of thermal generator e.g gas boiler etc. It is ideal for both new and old buildings as it does not require any major structural work. Thermodul can substitute or be integrated with existing radiators or other heating systems, allowing the maximum use of available space.

How does skirting heating compare to underfloor heating systems?

Thermodul offers all the benefits of UFH systems but at lower cost. Both provide heat from the lowest point, are energy efficient and offer the beneficial effects of radiant heat. Thermodul uses much less water than UFH, and as there is no mass of floor to heat, quickly achieves an even heat distribution meaning less energy and lower running costs.

Thermodul skirting heating systems are a new skirting heating system with heat output units, and once installed are far more efficient and discreet than a radiator. Designed for maximum efficiency, every detail of Thermodul skirting heating has been studied to ensure the highest output and optimal heat distribution.