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B.S. Plumbing & Heating. Leeds, West Yorkshire

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Gas Appliance Servicing Promotion

For a limited time only we've got some great deals on gas appliance servicing!

Two appliances serviced for £45 each*

* : Both appliances serviced at the same property at the same time.

CP12 Landlord Certification:-

Service one off appliance £59.50

2 Appliances serviced with CP12 Landlord certificate : £110.00

1 Appliance serviced with CP12 Landlord Certificate : £85.00

Cooker or Hob check is FREE on all of our CP12 inspections - we don't charge them as an appliance.

A standard Landlord certfication inspection (CP12) is only up to 2 appliances £59.50, any extra is £29.50 each Note that 50% of the work of a CP12 is done when & if we do a service on an appliance. Hence the price deduction on a CP12. The CP12 also includes inspection of all the gas pipe work and the gas meter in the property.

The service of an appliance does not cover gas safety check of pipework, meter, certification (CP12).

CP12 should be done for a new tenant who is moving in halfway through an existing CP12 period.

A CP12 is like an MOT for a car and is only valid for the date it was issued and then a twelve month countdown starts until the next certificate is due.

The manufacturers for all appliances instruct that a service (as well as the appliance requiring a CP12) should be done yearly for a safe and economical working appliance

Our Standard Charges:

Boiler Service (in Leeds / Wakefield area) : £59.50

Fire Service : £59.50

Warm Air Heating Service : £59.50

Cooker Check : £15.00

Hob Check : £10.00

Fire and Back Boiler service : £69.50

Wall heaters service : £25.00  On it's own 1 appliance £59.50

CP12 Landlord Certificate : £59.50