Our Public Liability Cover

It is your right (and duty) to expect workmen in your home to have public liability insurance, in fact, it’s a very easy way to spot a cowboy if they are unable to produce a valid cover certificate!

B.S. Plumbing & Heating Ltd Leeds have public liability cover from Axa Insurance which covers against if a serious accident occurred whilst we conducted work in your home by us from £2,000* up to £200m.

Most small one man bands and companies do not have public liability cover as it is very expensive – This means you could lose everything, in the event of an accident.

It is always advisable to ask to see or have a copy of tradesmen public liability and check it is valid before any workmen start the job in hand especially if a gas blow torch or any wiring or water work is being done.

All reputable companies will have it and be glad to show you it for the safety of your home and peace of mind of your investment and so that you know you are employing reputable safe working persons.

*A small claim is not liable under public liability cover – under £2,000 this is solely claimed from the engineer responsible and can be made via the small claims court.

Any claims via our public liability cover do not affect any warranty cover when our work has been fully paid for.

Any public liability claims do not exempt you from full payment of invoices for work done.

We would advise that any small claims for accidental damage by an engineer below £2000 are resolved amicably between the customer and the engineer – if a reasonable solution or agreement cannot be made then the customer has the right to take the individual responsible too small claims court to seek redress. BS Plumbing and Heating Yorkshire Ltd cannot be held responsible for damages by an individual tradesman. Above £2000 claims can be made via our Public Liability insurance.

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