Terms and Conditions

BS Plumbing and Heating Services. Terms and conditions of work carried out by us

BS Plumbing and Heating does not usually have a charge for a callout as we charge an hourly rate for our engineers’ time on site. However, if we are carrying out work outside of our normal working hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) , for example in the rare circumstances of an emergency out of hours callout, we may charge a call out fee in addition to the hourly rate – this will be stated before the callout.

Unless otherwise agreed, our hourly rate is charged by the hour or part thereof and we charge a minimum of one hour’s time for any visit or work carried out.

Please note that our engineers cannot advise on repairs for a gas repair over the telephone for health & safety reasons – this is to keep you safe and to comply with Gas Safe regulations.

We do not do free quotes for work on previously installed gas appliances or for work on breakdowns, only for new appliances that we supply. If requested we can provide estimates but it should be noted that these are estimates only and not fixed quotes – a variety of factors outside our control can influence the time taken or the equipment or parts needed for any particular job, making it impossible for us (or anybody else for that matter) to give a fixed price quote.

All our engineers’ work is chargeable unless stated otherwise beforehand, including time spent diagnosing break downs and repairs.

New Appliance Warranty

New installations of appliances, boilers & central heating systems are covered under warranty for twelve months parts & labor full warranty cover.

New parts Warranty

All BS Plumbing and Heating labor is warranted against our error for 12 months on new parts on appliances – in the unlikely event we have made a mistake we will put it right at no cost to you under our warranty.

If a new manufacturer’s part has failed we have installed we will endeavor to source the part from an authorised supplier and organise the replacement of said part and this part will be free under manufacturer’s warranty if the part fails within the manufacturer’s warranty period, our labor will be charged as normal for the time spent – i.e. it’s only the part that’s covered under warranty. We do offer a replacement part fitting warranty at a cost of £20 per hour in addition to our normal hourly rate when the new part is first fitted: this will cover against our labor charges required if the part fails within the manufacturer’s part warranty period and runs alongside the manufacturer’s part warranty period – If the replacement part is a replacement under replacement parts warranty it will be for one time only under the original manufacturer’s part warranty for the part and our labor replacement warranty part will only be alongside original warranted part period when the part was first fitted. If you request the warranty replacement parts warranty then it will indicate this on the invoice we provide.

Ask our engineer for more information on this if required.

What are you paying for when you have work done by us?

Our hourly rate and charges are very reasonable when you consider our costs:-

Engineers’ travelling time to and from the job. Fuel for our vehicles and wear and tear and depreciation on our vehicles. Cost of tools and specialist equipment required to do the job – can be very expensive! The cost of training and retraining for our engineers: to ensure the highest quality work all our engineers have at least five years’ experience and are trained to the highest level to comply with Gas Safe regulations, best practice, etc. – this is a continually ongoing process and also includes manufacturer specific training so you can be confident our engineers know how to do the job safely and to a high standard and are completely up to date in all aspects of our work. The cost of running our office and administration – telephones, fax, Internet, advertising so you can find us, staff to answer your call, accounting expenses – all are needed to offer the high quality, warranty-backed service we give you.

All of the above are needed to back up even the simplest of jobs – not a bad deal when you think about it is it?

Public Liability Claims

Any claims via our public liability cover do not affect any warranty cover when our work has been fully paid for.

Any public liability claims do not exempt you from full payment of invoices for work done.

We would advise that any small claims for accidental damage by an engineer below £2000 are resolved amicably between the customer and the engineer – if a reasonable solution or agreement cannot be made then the customer has the right to take the individual responsible to the small claims court to seek redress. BS Plumbing and Heating Services cannot be held responsible for damages by an individual tradesman. Above £2000 claims can be made via our Public Liability insurance.

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